Why should I have my wedding professionally filmed?

This day is one of the most important days of your lives together. Your family and friends will be there with great emotion on their faces to share in your happiness. It is a day that you will remember forever, but can remember in greater detail through video. Pictures can jog memories, but they cannot show you the sights and sounds of the day. Think of the joy your children will have in watching the video with you or you yourself watching it on every anniversary! Do you think your children or grand children would prefer to look at pictures or a video of your special day?  DVD/Blu-ray may even out last pictures (they say 100 years but no one knows yet – but, they are waterproof)!

Uncle Joe was going to film our wedding.

Will he be able to capture every important moment of the day? Will he be able to record your vows from audio other then the camera microphone? Will he be prepared when his camera malfunctions or runs out of battery power or tape? Does he have the equipment/knowledge available to put together a final product that you will love to show off to your friends/family and want to watch over and over again? Will you be upset with him if you are not happy with the video? I was married many years ago and we chose not to have a videographer and instead let my Dad do it. Although Dad shot everything he could, some things were missing and the final video was all one camera that was unstable the whole time. In fact, I have only watched it once in 15 years!  Sorry Dad, I still love you!

Will we interfere with the ceremony/reception/photographer – use lights?

If we do our job correctly, you will forget we are even there…and we will! We will not interfere with the events of the day at all. We go along with the time table and blend into the surroundings as best possible. We are there to film your event, not make a blockbuster movie out of it. We use cameras that work great in low light situations as to disappear more into the background, so we do not need lights (a small light maybeneeded for the recpetion and I stress, maybe). We also have plenty of battery power, so no need to run cables or cords all over the place. We stay off to the sides and in the back with cameras on the tripods to catch all the moments happening. We may move from those positions slightly depending on angles and such, but most churches/ministers have rules for these things and we are happy to abide by them.

We want to make sure we hear our vows.

If the ceremony were to be recorded using the camera’s built in microphone, your vows will be inaudible. These microphones lose clarity at distances of ten feet. We utilize a broadcast quality wireless microphone for the groom, which provides the best clarity. We also have a portable audio recorder we use to record the entire ceremony by hiding it somewhere near the altar or can tie-into the locations audio. This also provides us better audio clarity of the event.

Why do I need High Definition?

Putting it simply, HD is like going from watching a black and white television to a color one, it’s simply a much better picture! HD is in the Widescreen format of 16:9 that most televisions are now.  And many people without them will buy an HDTV the next time they purchase a TV.  We don’t charge hundres of dollars for HD because no matter what format you chose, we shoot it in HD anyway.  We only charge you for the Blu-ray disc to put it on.

But I don’t have a Blu-ray/HD player?

That’s ok. Even though we shoot your day in HD, we can compress it down onto a standard DVD for you. While not in true HD, the video will still be better than video shot in SD because the cameras still captured it in HD. You just will not have the lines of resolution you hear so much about with HD these days.