What To Expect

What can you expect from us?


This is an important day for you and we will be on our best behavior.  No talking on cell phones, burping or anything else that may ruin your fun!

Ninja Warriors

We will capture your day without being obtrusive.  We are experts at blending into the surroundings and the guests, all while knowing where those great shots are to be found!

Getting Involved

We love what we do and it shows.  You will even find us on the dance floor getting those great moments from your party guests!

Appropriate Attire

Our video crew will arrive fresh, clean and dressed professionally.

What time were we to be there again?

We never cut it close with arriving to your ceremony.  We arrive an hour early to set up and get familiar with the venue.

Plays well with others

In most cases, we may already know your vendors or have worked with them in the past.  But if we don’t, we make it a point to introduce ourselves and work out any awkward moments that may come up while capturing your event.  It makes the day run super smooth!

It’s time to go already!

You can trust us not to just bail out the door on you.  When we feel we have everything you want or need, we will check with you before packing up and heading out.

We are not the 30 minute pizza man

You cannot wait to watch your film and relive the day…we totally get you there.  However, we are creative types and go through every second of footage and this takes time.  We want to give you the best film possible and the editing takes about 90 days to accomplish this.  It’s worth it, trust us!

What Can We Expect From Awesome Brides and Grooms Like Yourself?

Your Film is Custom Made

Please make sure to fill out the forms completely and neatly.  This is the heart of most of the details.  Also, if there is anything you want captured that day, keep us in the loop throughout the day or we may not know about it.  The big things are easy to get and we work with your Master of Ceremonies on those, but the little things are what we are talking about here.  After you get your film, if we made a mistake, let us know in a timely manner and we will fix it.  If you wait too long, it will take us longer to fix because the footage will have been out of memory possibly.

Music and Pictures

To insure we get your film done in time, we need the music selections (and any pictures if doing a montage prior) BEFORE the wedding day.  If not, you may be left with music we choose and we want you to be happy with the music.  This is YOUR film.

Deer In Headlights

Yes, there will be cameras around, from us to your photographer.  Don’t worry.  Just be your usual happy self and enjoy the moment, we will do the rest.  We are there to capture your day as it happens and that includes you not looking like a deer in headlights.

Will You Be Our Friend?

To stay up to date on our happenings, we usually ask you to be a fan on our Facebook.  We also use this to post/tag your music video from so you can share with all your friends/family.  If you don’t feel comfortable with that, maybe follow us on Twiter.  We will add you if you friend us as we feel we have made a new friend ourselves in being part of your special day.

Shout It to the Rooftops

If you love your film, please tell your friends, family and us!  This is how we get better then we are now and we love hearing about how happy you are!  If you are so moved, we ask you please review us.  The review is used to grade vendors and reward them with “Best of” status each year.  If we do not hear from you within two weeks of your film delivery, we will assume everything is A-OK and start packing up your project on our hard drives to make room for other projects in the pipeline.

Will Work For…

Let’s not make this awkward…money.  We need your payment in full by day before wedding day at latest.  It saves both of us headaches.

Ready?  We can’t wait to film your wedding…let’s get this train moving!