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Thank you so much for this highlight video! I have watched it like 7 times already and it has already gone viral with my family….
Your team did an AMAZING job and I cannot wait til the whole production is complete! I can’t imagine how hard I will laugh and cry then…WOOF. Thank you so much!



Thanks Jeff!! This is great!!! Love it. Can’t wait for the final product!! [Then after getting the final] The video turned out AWESOME! Thank you again!! You guys captured everything, it was great to see it all and we really enjoyed the video montage piece 🙂



I am a bride that was married in july 2012. Clapboard video is not only  the best videographer in Cincinnati but one of the best vendors in  general! They always returned emails promptly and were very  professional. They spent more time at our wedding than any other  vendor. They came to the rehearsal the night before which took one less  thing away that I had to worry about! There final product was not just  video of our wedding. It was a complete production!! We could not have  been more happy with the service and final product. I met with several  other top videographers and I am so happy I chose clapboard. I feel I  would not have received the same personal service we did or great  product! Our moments have been forever captured and we are more than  thrilled!! Their pricing is very competitive and affordable. If you  have one splurge I would spend it on Clapboard!


4 comments on “Reviews

  1. Jim and Jeff were both there for my wedding day (10-01-16) and they were amazing! Jeff then continued the rest of the 12 hour day with us and got along so well with my photographer! He was funny and made sure he got all the shots we needed! I will definitely be recommending Clapboard for my other Cinci friends! I loved the sneak peak video and cant wait for the full video of footage!!

  2. My point of view and heartfelt advice is as the Mother of the Bride. Please let me save you hours of time, including comparing and contrasting clips while watching couples during ALL of THE moments from other websites and even deciding on whether to book a videography company: CLAPBOARD VIDEO is the titanium choice for you.

    My daughter, now son-in-law, Mother of the Groom and husband/Father of the Bride shared tasks involved in all of the plans for hosting the biggest party we’ve ever thrown. Our daughter gave me the privilege of selecting a videographer vendor and to this moment, I am so satisfied and proud of my selection, Jim and Jeff of Clapboard Video. They did such a remarkable job of capturing THE DAY in our child’s life. The positivity, willing to go the extra mile, and creativity were so evident – and heartfelt – from our videographers.

    And what my deciding factor on selecting this company surprised many of our family: how they were able to pre-plan and film the groom’s first look at his bride, his emotions, and every single word of his vows. Too often, so many of the videos I looked at while deciding on a vendor, were those of the bride. It meant so much to me to be able to tell my future son (!!!) what their video was going to detail in the final cut. I believe that Jim and Jeff are hardwired to be people that have a passion for loving what they do in their professional lives and also innately have the patience of saints on earth.

    While planning/discussing the specific highlights we wanted to have filmed, I loved their input and felt my confidence in my decision to hire their company building. Our finished video is exquisite and for our overall budget, one of the wisest investments for the entire week’s activities – period.

    Thank you, Jim and Jeff for being there for my family before, during and even afterwards when we had a couple of critical questions prior to the video being completed. I will always remember Our Daughter’s Day because of your priceless talents and for the spirit you have for what you do to give back so much to others.

  3. I worked extensively with Jeff Klaene, Clapboard Video as well as Jim Bucher, BuchTVGuy over several months. Together we produced a fabulous video commemorating the 50th anniversary signing of the Civil Rights Act. Jeff and Jim both took this project to heart and worked closely with us in developing a fabulous video. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff and Jim for any video work we plan in the future. They are both great to work with.

  4. Several months ago my mother passed away… We gave them a stack of old photos, some were black and whites from over 60 years ago. They put together a video of her life… It was truly special.

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