Clay + Jamie

Clay and Jamie booked us late in the year in 2013 from a referral from their photographer whom we did a wedding with, Lauren Tomasella.  We met the couple on the day of the festivities and they were really awesome to work with and get to know throughout the day!  Thank you for allowing us to capture your moment in time!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 04/26/14
Venue: St. Xavier and The Syndicate
Photographer: Lauren Tomasella
Band: Cover Me Bad
Officiant: Father Joe Casey

Justin + Jessica

Justin and Jessica were so down to Earth when we first met them.  We went out to their house to discuss us doing the video and fell in love with them instantly.  The hospitality was overwhelming and it continued into the day of the wedding.  We left the wedding as friends, not just clients/vendors.  Thank you both for allowing us into your life to capture your life’s journey!  We just love you guys!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 09/28/13
Venue: Vinoklet Winery
Photographer: Lauren Tomasella
DJ: Everlasting Sounds
Design: Creative Creations Cincy
Pastor: Seth Bridger

Curtis + Maggie

Curtis and Maggie booked us back in 2011. They wanted a fun video and some things similar to another family members video. We were happy to help. Everything was all set, then, Curtis was called away for Military service and everything was put on hold. When it all calmed down, they still wanted to do everything even though they already had a small ceremony and tied the knot. We were so excited, as were they! Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your service Curtis! I will never forget how generous the Kuethe/Witterstaetter family was to us.

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!



Ceremony: 08/03/13
Venue: Westwood First Presbyterian Church
Reception: Nathanael Greene Lodge
Photographer: Tire Swing Photography
DJ: Tri-State Entertainment

Greg + Deanna

Deanna works at the zoo and Greg is an avid Bengals fan.  What more could you ask in a client?  Their wedding day was fun and very lovely.  We wish you the best!  I must say, I’ve never been on a Bengals bus before!

Congrats again guys!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 06/15/13
Venue: Saint Peter in Chains
Reception: Receptions
Photographer: Frame 805
DJ: Cincy Wedding Services

Douggie + Amedee

We were hired back in February for this April wedding.  The mother of the Bride hired us and we never met the happy couple until the wedding day.  Leslie kept us informed on everything that would be happening and how to get to the church, it was at WPAFB! What a great family and lovely couple.  Doug and Amedee were so easy and great to be around.  You could tell they loved each other very much and that they cared about everyone at their wedding.  We were also moved by the opera songs…that was very unique and AMAZING!  Enjoy this teaser until we get the final done.

Congrats again guys!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 04/26/13
Venue: WPAFB Chapel 1
Reception: WPAFB Wright Patt Club
Wright Patt Club>
Photographer: Lydia Campbell
DJ: Duffy Garber @ Party Pleasers
Coordinator: Cindy Robinson & Leslie Moore

Best Cincinnati Wedding Video – Best Dayton Wedding Video

I wanted to do something neat and pull from some of the best weddings we have done (and there are many) and do a piece that would just be fun/creative. It was extremely hard for me to pick out clips…I wanted to use every one of them!  lol  Here it is in all it’s glory. Enjoy!


CBV Promo

We are often asked, “What can you do with my pictures?”. Well, the answer is “Anything”. We can make them come alive and fly around, etc. I couldn’t sleep one night and decided a promo video using pictures and video was in order! Enjoy!

Justin + Hannah

Justin and Hannah were a beautiful couple.  Her mom booked us and we met the couple that day.  This was a full Jewish wedding and it was a pleasure to shoot.  At the request of the family, this video is password protected and can only be viewed if you have the password.

Congrats again guys!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 03/03/13
Venue: Hilton Netherland Plaza
Reception: Hilton Netherland Plaza
Photographer: Red Photo Fusion

James + Tonia

James and Tonia were awesome to work with. They have a carefree attitude of the
world that was a breath of fresh air. No need to worry about stress with them
around. They are very playful with everyone they come in contact with and have
hearts the size of New York. We enjoyed being able to capture their day.
Congrats again guys!

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 07/15/12
Venue: Drees Pavilion
Reception: Drees Pavilion
Photographer: Images By Sabrina
Band: 3 Day Rule

Mike + Annie

Mike and Annie booked us in April because they heard about us through a friend.
The wedding was in Louisville, KY and the reception was a place we had done one
last year. We knew then this was going to be a special day more then usual. When
the day arrived and we started filming in a church that was over a century old,
I almost cried a little seeing the happy couple in that church. It was a moment
for me because of their moment. The reception was a blast. Mike and Annie’s
parents were involved all through the night and the whole evening just lended
itself to great video. Thanks Mike and Annie for trusting us.

Here is a highlight of the day. Enjoy!

Ceremony: 10/06/12
Venue: Saint Boniface Catholic Church
Reception: Mellwood Art Center
Photographer: Kriech-Higdon Photography
DJ: Masters of Music